IMG-3330 IMG-3333It has been a pleasure to have the self-compassion talk. It was really useful in many different ways and it is fantastic that our school gives us the opportunity to get this kind of knowledge about a topic that is present in our lives nowadays.


Goldie told us about how self-compassion is necessary to keep going despite our mistakes, and how sometimes these mistakes make it harder for us to cope with the day-to-day.


When we realise that ignoring mistakes instead of accepting them is harming us, many things make sense. Having the resource of how to forgive ourselves can really help with going ahead and not getting lost on the way or not turning this feeling of failure into anger.


I feel it is the first time in my life that something requires my whole attention and effort, because of the repercussion it can have in a near future, and sometimes the pressure or one bad result makes me go down. That is why I think learning about self-forgiveness with Goldie will help me and many of my classmates who feel in a similar way –because none of us is going through it alone, we are all at the same point.


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